About CMTU Rosstandarta

Central Interregional Territorial Administration (CMTU Rosstandarta) is the territorial body of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology and acts within the limits of the powers in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Federation dated 17 June 2004, the Government, the number 294, on the territory of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation.

CMTU Rosstandart established in accordance with the order Rostechregulirovanie August 12, 2004 № 21 "On establishment of the territorial bodies of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology" (in red. Order from 13.01.2005g number 3).

CMTU Rosstandarta realizes its functions and powers through the territorial departments (inspection), located on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District.


 How do you see the sign of the national standards, which must be assigned to products that meet the national standards of the Russian Federation ? ( a survey conducted in the period from 11.12.15 on 01.02.16)